Complementary Skills Training

Training in complimentary skills is a fundamental ingredient for the overall training of researchers, improving their career perspectives whether they stay in academia or not. An important part of this aspect of the training is the series of master classes and lectures given by external experts. Every host runs as well their own in-house programme in which the network ESRs (PhDs students) and ERs (postdocs) will take part. Some of the topics that will be trained are:

  • Language training
  • Media training
  • Project management
  • Computer and software use
  • Scientific publishing
  • Proposal writing

To enhance the fulfilment of such programme, researchers mobility to other nodes will be promoted as well as internships within the  DAGAL private sector partners.

The network will encourage the acomplishment of a PCDP (Personal Career Development Plan). In this sense a series of lectures and master classes will be delivered to all researchers during the network annual meetings by a combination of world-leading scientists (giving their perspective on careers in astronomy) and scientists working in private industry. Career advice will also form part in a more formal way of the personal mentoring, appraisal, and monitoring activities